Dag Nasty / "Minority Of One" recording sessions  / January 16th, 2002 / Day 10
Goodies from Revelation arrive! Kevin, Brian & Dave. Revelation mugs. and sweatshirt. Brian sampling Steve's calf muscle. Steve sampling.
Dave, still writing lyrics. Faith Subject to Change master tape, front (!) Subject to Change master tape, back (!!) Faith/Void Masters.      



Today began with Brian doing the last of the guitar overdubs on "Broken Days", which was formerly known as the "Power Ballad." After a failed attempt by Brian and myself to do some backing vocals (something better left to Mr. Smalley) we fired up the sampler and proceeded to get "jiggy." There was much butt shaking, head bobbing and smoking of blunts. After the smoke cleared we ran a bunch of rough mixes and Brian headed off to do some last minute lyric writing before Dave showed up to finish his vocals.

As a side note, Chad Clark (of Silver Sonya Mastering-located on the Inner Ear premises) is re-mastering the Faith/Void CD today. This has always been one of our (Brian and myself) favorite records, so it's pretty exciting (in a nerd sort of way) to be here while it's being done.

Hey everybody - Dave here. The Faith/Void thing sounds amazing. That was such a great and important record. Last day and tons left to do. Listened to the new Bad Religion record on the way in here and man, it is one of my favorite BR records already. The band sounds rejuvenated and powerful and there are nice slow ones as well as awesome blasting songs. I don't know if it's out yet, because Brian gave me one of his copies last night (along with a BR patch for my bike messenger bag-thank you B). But whenever it is, go grab it.

Now a friend named Kevin is here to help sing backup vocals. I never met him before tonight, so that part is funny, but I have spoken to him by phone and email many times. He is a cool guy an a fan of dag nasty and down by law. He asked me if there was anything he could do to help, and I said, Yeah, you can sing some backups, and so here he is. I think that's really righteous of him.

Brian here…We are desperately trying to finish everything by 2am (no fucking way - try 3:30) so I'm checking in while Dave is catching his breath to say thanks to everyone that followed this process over the last two weeks. I have received many, many e-mails from people that really dug this studio log. I give all the credit to Nuit and Steve Hansgen, without whom this multimedia presentation could never have been realized. Laterhosen.