Dag Nasty / "Minority Of One" recording sessions  / January 8th, 2002 / Day 4
Big ears & funny hats Big-ass tape machine. This caption, too, will change (although it seems accurate.) Quality time. Brian writes to Priscilla as part of his effort to Do Something Nice for the King today. Colin doing diary. Elvis goes to eat; Little Mikey supervises. Door to Inner Ear.
Dave sings. Dave phones in the rest of his opinions from Don's office. Elvis supervises.


Covers on the wall of Inner Ear More covers.


More covers.


Even more covers. Most of you have figured out these pix are in reverse chronology.
Oh Shit.


Rack thing. This caption will change when Steve gets home to explain what it is... More quality time.


Roger, framed.


Who's he gonna call? Spongebob and part of today's snack. Steve does some light reading between takes.
Colin Talks.            


Brian Here...Dave is sick and is literally "phoning it in" from home. We are recording his two songs today (the ones he wrote both words and music for) and we haven't rehearsed them to see if the arrangements Steve and I worked out for them fit his lyrics. According to what Dave can hear over the phone, he thinks everything works. I hope he's right - I don't want to have to do them over when he gets over his cold. Time is money!

I'm not going to be able to give the kind of blow by blow daily report that Dave can because I'd rather rock than type and we have to make rock. Look at the pretty pictures and hopefully Dave will be back tonight to write stuff down.



Colin here...
We are getting close to having the bass and drums done. We just did the one cover we will be including on the lp/cd and it sounds great. Dave just popped in and said all of his songs meet his approval and more. He's feeling much better now…

I'm excited that when Brian goes to Germany soon, he's going to pick up a new copy of the German board game "Dag Nasti", which was actually named that because it was invented by the German scientist Hans Gruman in 1907 when he was researching the migration patterns of penguins off of the island of South Georgia near Antarctica. It was invented to keep Gruman and his crew entertained during the polar night. My grandmother loves the game, but only gets to play when I visit her and bring my copy.

Back to the recording, only a few more basic tracks to lay down tomorrow. We've been doing more takes of each song than we ever have before to make sure we are all 110% satisfied with our performances. It's turning out great and, as mentioned before, it's great to be back working with Don. Steve is also doing a great job as the quality control czar.

Roger just finished his bass for the cover we are all pretty wiped out now, it's 12:15 and we are going to call it a night. Over and out.