Dag Nasty / "Minority Of One" recording sessions  / January 9th, 2002 / Day 5
Brian's amp setup. Black Les Paul and heads. Board, with Steve's notes to self. Brian and Don work. Colin eats. Dave sings. Don and Steve work.
Fender, sitting off by itself. Brian's heads. Kendrick ABC box. The 800, on one side. Anniversary cab, on the other. Roger. Steve, trying to look innocent.
Vocal mic. Vocal mic.          


Steve here, the tracking of the bass and drums is over. Don broke down the drums mics and Brian and I began setting up the wall 'o amps to begin tracking the guitars. We are using a three-amp setup and blending them all to one track. All of the amps are being routed through the fabulous Kendrick ABC amp switcher. The first amp is a 1989 Marshall JCM 800 100 watt head through a 1992 Anniversary Marshall Cab. The second amp is a 1987 Marshall Silver Jubilee 50 watt head through a JCM 800 cab. The third amp is a new Fender Pro Junior. Brian is tracking with his black '90 Les Paul Standard, the Chartreuse Sparkle '75 Les Paul Standard, my red '63 SG Jr. and the Gretsch Duo-Jet. The first half of the day is being spent tracking the guitars on "SansAmp", "Dag Dag Dag", "Bottle This", "Six" and "Minority of One."


Roger here, I played two notes today. I played them very well.

Dave is due in tonight to begin tracking vocals on the above songs.

Dave has started singing. It has been described as, "unbridled rage", by one Chartreuse playing Axeman.
Said Axeman is also being very discriminating, and is bringing out the very best from Sir Smalley.

"Passion Squeak" is the label given to a particular sound that Dave makes when he gets so excited he cannot contain his vocal enthusiasm. This is one of the things that BB has been discriminating against.

There is so much excitement about how it is all falling together that "passion squeaks" are being heard all over.

That is all for now. Thank you and good night.