Dag Nasty / "Minority Of One" recording sessions  / January 11th, 2002 / Day 7
Studio shot. Caption unnecessary. The Drummer. The Policeman. The Indian. The Engineer. Cowboy Randy.
Flower power. Brian's favorite.   Don inspects todays snack. The view. Colin handles Business. Untitled Still Life.
Brian's new glasses.            


BB here doing guitar overdubs. No Dave, Colin on the phone and Roger reading magazines in the lounge. I plan to utilize my twelve string Dan Electro as often as possible without being sued by Captain Sensible. Once again, I'm too busy to write. We have to be out of the studio by six p.m. because J. Robbins has the room booked for the weekend. We'll see you Monday.

SH here. The JCM 800 head started giving us fits yesterday, so the new/old JMP head made its official debut today. Brian managed to knock out all but two songs before the mad dash to get our mountain of gear stashed in Don's storage closest began. We got rough mixes run off and CDs burned before J. threw our butts out in to the cold Arlington night to fend for ourselves. We've got the weekend off, sort of, the boys have interviews to do and tattoos to get on Saturday. We are re-adjourning this madness on Monday to finish guitars and continue vocals. See you then.