Review by the A&A Archives on Cent.com
Four On The Floor: reviewed in issue #7, 2/14/92 - The second half of my Saturday serendipity (see Bad Religion review if you don't understand). Not a reunion as much as meeting cemented by Mexican food (so the press states). No, they will not tour or even acknowledge the real existence of the band (or even necessarily use their real names, due to major label contracts with other bands). But there's the problem of this album, you see... And what a problem. Punk is not dead, and today it seems to be the source of the best pop songs out there. While not as fast as many of their hard core buds, Dag Nasty have aggression to spare and great tunes to boot. While many alternative bands are selling out and adding lots of crap to their music, it's refreshing to see Dag Nasty sticking to simple roots. If you can't find room for bands like Bad Religion and Dag Nasty on your loud music shows, then you are really missing out. You'll not only be depriving deserving bands of airtime, but you'll be depriving your listeners of some of the best music around.



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