Minor Threat: First Demo
Brian was in Minor Threat from it's inception in November of 1980 until they disbanded in November of 1983. He started out playing bass, then switched to guitar when Steve Hansgen joined the band in 1983. This demo was was recordd in 1981, but officially released by Dischord Records in 2003.
Minor Threat: Minor Threat
Minor Threat's first single was released in June of 1981.
Minor Threat: In My Eyes
The second seven inch by Minor Threat, released December 1981, right before they broke up.
Minor Threat: Flex Your Head Compilation
Dischord Record's classic sampler released in 1982. Minor Threat contributed 2 songs.
Government Issue: Make An Effort
Brian joined Government Issue in 1982 after Minor Threat broke up. He only played on this record, which came out on Fountain of Youth Records in 1983. Brian later helped produce GI's "Joyride" lp and the self titled GI5 in 1986.
Minor Threat: Out of Step
This 12" was released in 1983.
Minor Threat: Salad Days
Released in 1985. It was the last Minor Threat record.
The 400: Demo 1984
These infamous sessions were recorded at Hit & Run studios, and featured Lyle and Jeff from Minor Threat. The song titles are: Walk Away, New West , Silent Men , Sometimes , Does She Really Know?
Tesco Vee: Dutch Hercules
Brian played guitar on this classic 1984 ep.
The Meatmen: War of the Superbikes
Brian joined The Meatmen in 1984, and this was the second full length lp he played on. Released in 1985, this also features Lyle from Minor Threat. This lp is available on cd along with "The War of the Superbikes part 2".
Dag Nasty: First Demo
Recorded in 1985, this is Brian Baker's first recording with Dag Nasty. Most of the songs on this demo would become what makes up the "Can I Say" album, but this had Shawn Brown on vocals.
Dag Nasty: Can I Say
Originally planned to be released as a seven inch record first, "Can I Say" was released on Dischord records in 1986. It was a monumental release for both the members of Dag Nasty and Dischord Records. Dag Nasty were not really part of the "Revolution Summer" in DC, but this record proved to everyone that with a little musical genius, some heartfelt, clever lyrics and a pile of determination, anything can be done. This record continues to inspire people to this day.
J.S & The Cupids
Brian Baker was in this joke band with Government Issue's John Stabb and Steve Hangsten of Minor Threat/Second Wind. They released a cassette in 1986 of joke songs and covers. They recorded a bunch of covers including "Dancing with Myself" (retitled "slamming with myself"), a Professionals song and a few others.
Doggy Style: The Last Laugh
Following the "Can I Say" tour, Brian moved to California with Doug Carrion. Matt (the Descendents road manager) had convinced Brian and Doug that they were going to be involved in the next big thing musically. Supposedly, Springa from SSD was supposed to sing for this band. Well, to make a long story short - they get out to California and join the band "Doggy Style". They began as a punk band with a 1984 EP on Mystic Records. Later, they recorded an LP for Flipside Records called "Side by Side" in 1985. This is where the rift began. The singer of the band, Brad X and the drummer, Lou Gaez wanted to turn the band into a hip-hop/rock/punk kind of band, while the other members wanted to still play straight-edge punk. And both bands wanted to keep the name. Brian and Doug joined the Doggy Style with Brad and Lou and In October of 1986, they recorded a full length lp for National Trust Records. This LP was entitled "The Last Laugh". What would go down in history later as the first record to come with a prophylactic, the LP came with a label that read : "Do it Doggy Style - but do it safe". The OTHER band went on to release 2 more LP's and a court battle ensued over the name. In the end, the Doggy Style that consisted of Doug, Brian, Brad and Lou lost the case. They changed their name to Doggy Rock and kept going. Live, they were a culmination of all things weird (For instance, they painted themselves green, wore inflatable pumpkin hats and Hawaiian hula skirts, jogging pants, etc). Musically, this was quite a step for Brian and Doug. The music can best be described as a combination of The Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed with old Run-Dmc. By early 1987, the group fell apart and Brian and Doug returned to Washington to meet up with Colin Sears and Peter Cortner to record the next Dag Nasty record. A lot of people like this record - don't dismiss it on the fact that is sounds bizarre.
The Bloodbats: Fatal Book Opened
This lp was recorded between August of 1986 and June of 1987. Brian appears on one song, "The Secret Seven". This project band was the brainchild of Charles Bennington, Colin Sears and Roger Marbury ( all ex- Bloody Mannequin Orchestra). It features a guest appearance by Shawn Brown and Mike Davis from Foundation, and is probably the most original thing I've heard in a long time. In my experience talking with people about this band, my conclusion is you either hate or love this band. Side one consists of mostly rap songs in the vein of older Beastie Boys. Side two is more interesting. They dabble in Electro-pop, Goth, and various other indie-rock sounding songs. Overall, this record is without a doubt, amazing. If you enjoyed BMO do not hesitate to pick this up. Part of what makes this record hilarious is the insert. They have no lyrics, but rather short descriptions of the origin's of the songs. None of which make any sense at all.
Dag Nasty: Wig Out At Denko's
After Doggy Rock failed to catch on, Brian returned to Washington with Doug Carrion and they recorded this. It was Peter's first recording session with Dag Nasty, even though he had been in the band since the summer of 1986. A noticeable improvement in lyric writing, and a more mature sound evolved on this record
Dag Nasty: All Ages Show
Dag Nasty's first seven-inch record, originally entitled "Lime", was recorded in October of 1987. Around this time, Dag Nasty was getting known as an "L.A." band. Their bi-costal living arrangements had Doug and Brian was living in Redondo Beach, California and Peter and Scott flying in from Washington D.C. to practice and play shows. The three songs from this record appear on the "Field Day" cd, although in slightly different form.
Dag Nasty: Trouble Is
Released in 1988 as a twelve-inch single with three songs, on Giant Records. It featured a remix of "Trouble is" by Ed Stasium (who later went on to help produce and record The Goo Goo Dolls, Soul Asylum, etc). It also had a new song, "Never Green Lane" and a cover of Wire's "12XU". These two songs also appear on the CD version of "Field Day". The remixed version of "Trouble is" is not available on the CD of "Field Day", but is only available on this record and a CD sampler from Giant Records which is difficult to find.
Dag Nasty: Field Day
Dag Nasty's third lp, released on Giant Records in 1988. It received alot of attention from major labels, but the punk and hc community dismissed it as "rock star fodder". With this release, Dag perfected their lyric writing and music and started what could have become an unstoppable machine. Opinions vary about this record though, as it's quite a departure from Dag Nasty's previous sound.
Junkyard: Junkyard
Brian joined Junkyard two weeks before they were scheduled to record a full length LP for Geffen Records in 1989. The band had been together for some time, and was in need of a new guitarist. The band had relocated to the L.A. area from Texas, and Brian knew Chris Gates from when Minor Threat had played shows with Chris's old band, The Big Boys. They ended up recording the LP and touring America and Europe with Lynyrd Skynyrd. They had videos in steady rotation on MTV, and were continually requested on Headbanger's Ball. 
Pollen Art: Rivers of Fire
Brian played on one song off this 1990 release. The band featured Marc Maxey (Justice League) & Chris Bratton (Chain of Strength, Justice League, Wool, No For An Answer, Inside Out).
Mind Over Four: The Goddess
Lp released in 1990 on Powerhouse/Caroline Records. Brian plays lead guitar on the song "12 days of Wind".
Dangerous Toys: Hellacious Acres
Brian sang background vocals, along with the rest of Junkyard, on Dangerous Toy's 1991 release.
Junkyard: Sixes, Sevens, & Nines
Junkyard released their second full length lp in 1991 on Geffen records. They broke up shortly after this release. Aside from the hype that surrounded them in the past, this record was a commercial failure. Heavy metal was on a decline to make way for the "alternative" music that would consume the 90's. In addition to this full length, they also released a few cd singles that year to promote the release. Ed Stasium produced this record (he also re-mixed Trouble Is for the Dag Nasty 12" single).
Dag Nasty: 85-86
In December of 1991, Selfess Records put out a Dag Nasty collection. A cd version and a box set of seven inches with unreleased material and live stuff. It includes demos with Shawn singing, "Another Wrong", demos with Peter singing, and a cover version of the Bloody Mannequin Orchestra song "My dog is a cat". It also contains the incomprehensible live tune, "Moni-Q".

Dag Nasty: 85-86
This is the vinyl version which comes in a neat little sleeve, and all 4 of the records are on colored vinyl. (purple, pink, green marble, and white). There were 3500 pressed, and the money made from it's sale was donated to the Amherst Survival Center in Massachusetts. 
Junkyard: Unreleased LP
Untitled release from 1992. The album was recorded and scrapped due to Geffen's disappointment with the songs. They recorded about 30 songs that year, and none of them were ever officially released. Contract issues involving Brian, Junkyard, and Geffen Records kept Brian from using his name on the "Four On The Floor" lp later that year.
Dag Nasty: Four on the Floor
Released in 1992 on Epitaph records. Inside the liner notes it states several different things, but the fact of the matter is that Brian did play on this record. Two of the songs (Roger and Mango ) were older songs that they never released. The rest of the songs are newer ones that were written in a two week period. Dave, Colin and Roger also appear on this recording. The reason why Brian could not credit his name to the release was due to his obligations to Geffen Records for Junkyard. The name he used, Dale Nixon, actually goes back to Black Flag.
Careless: Unreleased LP
13 song unreleased lp from 1993, featuring Brian on guitar, Marc Solomon, Nathan December (Goo-Goo dolls, rhythm guitarist for REM's "Monster" tour and on the "New Adventures" lp ), and the drummer for the Goo-Goo Dolls, Mike Malinin. They were big on the LA club circuit, and were very close to getting signed to a major label. All of the members eventually joined other bands and this record never was released.
Bash & Pop: Clerks Soundtrack
In 1993, Brian joined up with ex-Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson to do a side project band. Brian played a few shows with them before they broke up to make way for Tommy's "Perfect" project band. He did NOT record with them on the full length lp, "Friday Night is Killing Me", which came out on Sire Records in 1993. However, he did record with them on the 'Clerks' soundtrack for a track entitled "Making Me Sick".
Down By Law: Punkrockacademyfightsong
Brian played guitar on one or two songs on this lp from 1994.
Bad Religion: The Gray Race
Brian joined Bad Religion in 1994, and they recorded "The Gray Race" shortly after.
Tank Girl Soundtrack
Released in 1995. Brian was hired as a studio musician for one track, a cover of Cole Porter's "Let's Do It", which is a collab between Joan Jett and Paul Westerberg.
The Meatmen: War of the Superbikes Part 2
In 1996, Brian returned to team up with Tesco and company to record "War of the Superbikes Part 2". This record features classic songs such as "Morrissey Must Die". The cd version contains the first of the Superbikes lp from 1985.
Unwritten Law: Oz Factor
Brian was a guest guitarist on Unwritten Law's second lp from 1996. He plays guitar on the track "Suzaane"
Bad Religion: Tested
This live record was released in 1997, and it covers their 1996 world tour. It was released as an import from Sony Music Germany. It contains various songs from different shows.
Starry Eyes: Starry Eyes
Ex-Velocity Girl members released this 4-song ep on Radiopaque Records 1997. Brian plays guitar on one track, "Getting Over My Surprise".

Ric Ocasek: Troublizing
In 1997, Brian appeared as a guest musician on ex-Cars frontman Ric Ocasek's "Troublizing" lp. He plays guitar on 6 out of 11 tracks. Brian toured with Ric for about 8 dates on this tour - and also appeared along side him on the Conan O' Brien and The Jon Stewart Shows.
Bad Religion: Holiday Sampler
A giveaway cd from Atlantic records featuring songs from previous albums and some unreleased Bad Religion Christmas tunes.
Bad Religion: No Substance Promo
Atlantic Records promo which features a few songs from the lp, and several unreleased tracks. 
Bad Religion: No Substance
From 1998, this was the second Bad Religion studio release that had Brian playing guitar. A huge tour followed, including slots on the Warped Tour. It also marks the return of songwriting for Brian (Four on The Floor being the last stuff he wrote). He collaborated with Greg and Jay on 3 or 4 songs for this release.
Travis Cut: Seventh Inning Stretch
Brian Baker made a guest appearance on three songs from the British punk band's 1998 release. It is said that the band borrowed and consequently destroyed Brian's Marshall amp during this recording session. Dave Smalley produced this record.
Junkyard: Shut Up We're Trying to Practice
This came out posthumously in 1999. Brian had contractual obligations to Geffen, which may be the reason this was released. It contains a live set from Junkyard, recorded in 1989.
Lickity Split: Lickity Split
During a hiatus of touring with Bad Religion, Brian teamed up with some Washington locals to record the self-titled Lickity Split cd. Intended to be released as a 7", the cd was released in 1999 and features Brian on 7 tracks. The band consists of members of Avail and The Pietasters.
Bad Religion: Music to Kill For Compilation
Dummy Records 1999 release with one Bad Religion song called "Markovian Process".
Bad Religion: Short Music for Short People Compilation
Fat Wreck Chords 1999 release with one Bad Religion song called "Out Of Hand".
Bad Religion: The New America" lp.
Released in 2000, this is Brian's 3rd lp with Bad Religion, but it contains no songs written by him.
Bad Religion: The Solution to Heal the Bay Compilation
Released June of 2000. Contains one Bad Religion song, entitled "Lose aa Directed".
Penelope: Face au silence du monde
Canadian punk band's second album, released in 2001. Upon Dave Smalley's request for a favor, Brian stopped by the studio where the band was recording with Dave's help. He ended up playing guitar on three songs in about two hours."
Dag Nasty: Disarming Violence Compilation
Fastmusic Records compilation released in 2002. One Dag Nasty song, which is an alternate version of "Incinerate", is on this and is also the first recording for the second-time reunited Dag Nasty.
Bad Religion: The Process of Belief
Released in 2002 on Epitaph Records. 
Hot Water Music: Caution
Released in 2002 on Epitaph Records. Brian plays guest guitar on one track called "The End".
Dag Nasty: Dischord 20th Anniversary Box Set
Released in 2002 as a 3-disc box set. Present here is a version of "Circles" that is the same as from the "Can I Say" record. The version of "All Ages Show" though, is from the "Mango Sessions" that were included as bonus tracks on the "Wig Out at Denko's" re-release.
Dag Nasty: Minority of One
Released in 2002 on Revelation Records, with the "Can I Say" line-up.
Middle Aged Brigade: Demos
Recorded in 2003, this project consisted of Brian Baker, Steve Hansgen, and Zak Fusciello. The general goal here was to write songs that were a bit more relative to the somewhat older "aging punk" audience. Four tracks were recorded between Spoondog Studios (Steve's old studio) and The Parsonage (Steve's new studio), but only one track had vocals. The demo was released through this site's messageboard, but nothing has really developed with the project since then.
Bad Religion: The Empire Strikes First
Released in 2004 on Epitaph Records. 
Bad Religion: The New Maps of Hell
Released in 2007 on Epitaph Records. 

Bad Religion: The Dissent of Man
Released in 2010 on Epitaph Records. 

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