Demos and Bootlegs
What If? Sessions
1. Infected Owner of a Lonely Heart   Download
2. Reggae Mystic   Download

Lineup: Brian, Dave, Colin, Roger
Recorded: 2000-01
Info: The tracks listed here are short, "non-songs"
that were recorded duing Dag Nasty's latest reunion. Aside from the finalized songs that made it onto "Minority of One", there is rumor of an unreleased
track "Get Up Stand Up" that was recorded at this
time. Some sources have claimed the proper demos have been "disposed of" though.

What If? Sessions
1. We Went Wrong
2. SFS
3. Chill
4. Million Days
5. Lie Down & Die
6. Roger
7. Mango
8. Just the Two of Us   Download
9. Going Down
10. Still Believe   Download
Lineup: Brian, Dave, Colin, Roger
Recorded: 1991
Info: Although some song titles are different, they
are the same songs that would end up on "Four on
the Floor" — just with different lyrics and slightly different instrumentation.

What If? Sessions
1. One to Two   Download
2. Circles
3. Can I Say
4. Justification   Download
Lineup: Brian, Peter, Colin, Roger
Recorded: "Edited" summer 1991
Info: This is a sort of "test session" Peter did by
taking the audio tracks from the Shawn Brown
demo and laying down his vocals over them.

What If? Sessions
1. Things That Make No Sense
2. 13 Seconds Underwater
(Alternate)   Download
3. La Penita (Instrumental)
4. La Penita (Early Version) 
5. Tuna Bomb (Rehearsal)   Download
Lineup: Brian, Peter, Doug, Scott
Recorded: 1987/88
Info: Various tracks recorded around the "Field
Day" era. The track "Tuna Bomb" became a Los Vampiros song.

First Demo
1. Under Your Influence  
2. I've Heard
3. Justification
4. Circles
5. Can I Say
6. Thin Line
7. Never Go Back
8. Another Wrong
9. One to Two   Download

10. I Wouldn't Cry   Download
Lineup: Brian, Shawn, Colin, Roger
Recorded: October 31st, 1985 at Inner Ear Studios
Info: Original demo with Shawn Brown on vocals.

Just In Transit


1. Intro   Download
2. What I Feel Today   Download
3. Under Your Influence   Download
3. Never Go Back (Peter & Sean)   Download
2. Wig Out at Denko's   Download
2. Field Day   Download

Live Recordings
Lineup: Various
Recorded: Various Dates
Info: Over the years there have been multiple
unofficial bootlegs released of Dag Nasty performances. Examples are "Things That Make
No Sense", "Bootleg 1990", "Boston 1989", and
"Just In Transit".

Listed here are various live tracks for download,
the dates and release details are not specified.
To download some full shows, go here.


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