Below is a detailed, day-by-day account of what went into the making of "Minority of One".
This all happened at Inner Ear Studios, located in Arlington, VA., on January 5-16 and
February 11-14 of 2002.

Players: Brian Baker, Dave Smalley, Roger Marbury, and Colin Sears
Production: Brian Baker and Steve Hansgen

Day 1  |  Day 2  |  Day 3   |  Day 4  |  Day 5  |   Day 6  |  Day 7  |  Day 8   |  Day 9  |  Day 10

  Day 1: Load In

Short day in the studio; load in is at 6pm. The evening is taken up with equipment set-up and repair, mic placement, string changing, gossip, eating, sound checking and staring in astonishment at how much a Les Paul's neck can bow in a couple of hours.

By 7:00 the Can I Say line-up of DN are together for the first time in two years to record their first album in ten. From about 9:30 until 12:30 Brian, Colin and Roger run through rehearsal takes of three of the new songs; nothing is committed to tape yet but Steve is recording everything to CD from the monitor section of the mixing board. After some listening of playbacks of the evening's rehearsals we decide to call it a night and agree to meet back up at Inner Ear the next day at noon.

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  Day 2: First Full Day

Today's 12-hour session begins a bit late; Colin had to go pick stuff up from Darren at Chuck Levin's. Despite the late start, the 4 hardest songs were laid down today...following the order of the demo rather than choosing them in any order of preference.

Instead of trying to toss up audio clips after getting home each night, Steve is going to take advantage of the 2 day break and put together a Pet Sounds-y 'montage' of songs, outtakes and talking...so look for that next weekend. Regular audio should be coming in by then, too.

Click on read details (below) to read Dave's take on the Studio Diary.

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  Day 3: Tracking

Plan for today was to get down 3 more songs, which was readily accomplished. All the songs Brian and Steve demo'ed are now tracked, so the bones of the record are halfway done. Things have gone remarkably smoothly, considering the songs were not played as a group until 2 days agoŚand everyone is too spun to sleep once they get home.

Dave covered Studio Diary duties again for today...read details by clicking below.

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  Day 4: WWED?

This is Dave's dayŚwork on the two songs Dave wrote and the as-yet-undecided cover song is today's business. Unfortunately, Dave was sick most of the day, so he stayed home and supervised the goings-on from bed until later in the evening...almost all the tracking got done today, tho, so that means it is just the guitars and vocals and, well, a lot more to do.

With Dave out, Brian and Colin handled the diary...Details on the click-thru. Things were pretty busy today, so the pictures are not as full of Men Rocking as the days before (and the captions are lacking, too)...it will be better tomorrow.

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  Day 5

Mics came off the drums today, which can mean only one thing: Overdubs! Here come guitars and vocals...Since things are a bit ahead of schedule, Brian, Steve and Don spent 5 hours or so getting guitar sounds. Dave came in and nailed a couple of vocals

Steve and Roger did their part for the Studio Diary today...guitar nerds will be happy, Steve gives a short overview of the amp setup...

Editor's note: Earlier errant code has been fixed...you can now get the close-ups of Darren and the Band and Colin's undies. Sorry you had to wait.

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  Day 6

Today is more guitars and vocals, after a brief trip to get a couple of the guitars babied. Conveniently, the place to get guitars taken care of is also the place you buy new ones...who can resist? Now there are new things to look at, too.

(Almost) Everyone worked on today's Diary. Roger has been voted Official Photographer; now all the lighting will be good. Check it all out below.

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  Day 7

Today is a short day; everything has to be broken down and out of the way by six. Guitars and maybe some bass fixes today-- no vocals until next week.

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Days off

Telling you ahead of time: Jan 12 and 13 are days out of the studio. This weekend, J Robbins is in doing some stuff...Dag Nasty won't get back in until noon Monday.

Stay Calm! See you Tuesday (with Monday's update, okay?)

  Day 8

Colin and Roger have headed home, leaving Brian, Dave and Steve to finish things up unsupervised. All the guitars are done except for one song, and Dave got the main vox for Song #6 and Power Ballad.

Studio diary fell to Brian and Dave today; read it below...

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  Day 9

Today is for doing the final guitars and getting more vocals. It's down to today and tomorrow, with a possible extension into Thursday if it's needed. All mixing will be done in February over the 12-15 (Happy Valentine's Day! See how much Dag Nasty loves you?!)

Dave did the Diary today...

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  Day 10

That's it! Outta time. Most everything was done, with the exception of some lead and the backing vocals. The unfinished songs were loaded up to be finished at Steve's studio over the next few weeks...in time for mix down in mid-February.

Thanks for being with us for the daily updates. Check back end of next week or so for audio updates (no time promised, but soon!) and look for the record in a couple of months.

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  Mixing & Post Production

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