Shawn Brown

Shawn Brown

Vocals: 1985-86
Shawn Brown sang for Dag Nasty from August of 1985 until February 1986. After leaving Dag Nasty, Shawn went on to sing for the now legendary Swiz. Shawn is Currently living in Washington D.C. as a tattoo artist. His last musical project was Jesuseater.


Dag Nasty Demo 1985 Vocals

Bloodbats Fatal Book Opened 1986 Guest Vocals

Swiz Demo 1987 Vocals

Swiz Down EP 1987 Vocals

Swiz Rejects EP 1987 Vocals

Swiz 12-Inch 1988 Vocals

Swiz Hell Yes I Cheated 1989 Vocals

Fury Ressurrection EP 1989 Vocals

Swiz With Dave EP 1990 Vocals

Swiz No Punches Pulled 1992 Vocals

The Downer Boys Demo ? Vocals

American Standard Piss and Vinegar 1995 Guest Vocals

Northern Mistep Demo Tape 1996 Vocals

Sweetbelly Freakdown The Long Haul EP 1996 Vocals

Sweetbelly Freakdown Touring Japan (Split) 1997 Vocals

Sweetbelly Freakdown Sweetbelly Freakdown 1997 Vocals

Bluetip Post Mortem Anthology 2001 Backing Vocals

Jesuseater Jesuseater EP 2002 Vocals

Jesuseater Step Inside My Deathray 2002 Vocals

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