Doug Carrion
Doug Carrion

Bass: 1987-88
Doug Carrion moved from California to DC to join Dag Nasty in March of 1987. He played with the band until their breakup in July of 1988. In 2000, Doug began singing in the punk / hardcore band Six Degrees Of Right. He is currently living in California, running his record label Suburban Noise.

Wig Out at Denkos
Field Day

Con 800 Demo ? Bass

Anti Demo ? Bass

Descendents Enjoy 1986 Bass

Doggy Style The Last Laugh 1986 Bass

Dag Nasty Wig Out At Denkos 1987 Bass

Dag Nasty All Ages Show EP 1987 Bass

Dag Nasty Field Day 1988 Bass

Dag Nasty Trouble Is EP 1988 Bass

Pale Pale EP 1990 Bass / Vocals

Pale Tantrum 1991 Bass / Vocals

Ultrahead Cementruck 1992 Producer

For Love Not Lisa Merge 1993 Bass / Producer

For Love Not Lisa Softhand 1993 Bass / Producer

Ultrahead Definition: Aggro 1995 Guitar / Producer

Humble Gods Humble Gods 1995 Guitar

Humble Gods No Heroes 1996 Guitar

For Love Not Lisa Lost Elephant 1999 Bass

Six Degrees of Right Demo 2000 Vocals

Kottonmouth Kings Rollin' Stoned 2002 Bass / Guitar

Mix Mob So Cal Drunks 2002 A&R

VA Spaded, Jaded, and Faded 2002 Coordinator

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