Roger Marbury
Roger Marbury

Bass: 1985-87, 1991-Present
Roger joined Dag Nasty in August 1985, and quit in March of 1987. He rejoined the band in 1991 and has been with them since. Roger is married and living in Boston, Massachusetts and works as a lighting engineer for film projects.

Can I Say
Four on the Floor
Minority of One

Bloody Mannequin Orchestra Demo 1983 Bass

Bloody Mannequin Orchestra Timeclock Equals A Hole... 1983 Bass

Bloody Mannequin Orchestra Roadmap to Revolution 1984 Bass

Dag Nasty Demo 1985 Bass

Dag Nasty Can I Say 1986 Bass

Dag Nasty Mango Sessions 1986 Bass

Bloodbats Fatal Book Opened 1986 Bass / Vocals

Bloodbats Demo 1989 Bass

Bloodbats Stopping a Freight Train 1990 Bass / Vocals

Los Vampiros Los Vampiros EP 1991 Bass

VA / Alloy For a Fistful of Yens 1992 Bass

Dag Nasty Four on the Floor 1992 Bass

VA / Alloy So You Wanna Be a Rock Star 1992 Bass

Alloy Eliminate 1992 Bass

Alloy Untied / Hard Rain EP 1993 Bass

Alloy Alloy 1993 Bass

Alloy Reading Blind / Eliminate EP 1993 Bass

Alloy Razorwire (Split) EP 1994 Bass

VA / Alloy Strange Notes 1994 Bass

VA / Alloy Out On a Limb 1994 Bass

Alloy Paper Thin Front EP 1994 Bass

VA / Dag Nasty Disarming Violence 2000 Bass

Dag Nasty Minority of One 2002 Bass

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