Peter Cortner
Peter Cortner

Vocals: 1986-88
Peter Cortner replaced Dave Smalley as the vocalist for Dag Nasty in July of 1986. He stayed with the band until their breakup in July of 1988. Peter was also in Pitbull, Protem, Los Vampiros, and Lunchbox (with Joe Lally from Fugazi). Peter is married and living outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he is an elementary school teacher. While strictly as a personal hobby now, Peter has continued to make music under the names GPFA and, more recently, in a collaboration with Philadelphia area musicians entitled The Gerunds.

WIg Out at Denkos
Field Day

Pitbull Demo ? Bass

Protem Demo ? Bass

Lunchbox Demo ? Bass / Vocals

Dag Nasty Mango Sessions 1986 Vocals

Dag Nasty Wig Out At Denkos 1987 Vocals

Dag Nasty All Ages Show EP 1987 Vocals

Dag Nasty Field Day 1988 Vocals

Dag Nasty Trouble Is EP 1988 Vocals

Bloodbats Demo 1989 Drums

Los Vampiros Los Vampiros EP 1991 Vocals

Los Vampiros Less Than A Feeling 1991 Vocals

Los Vampiros Compilation 1991 Vocals

GPFA Demos 2000 Vocals / Bass

The Gerunds Demos 2002 Vocals

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