Scott Garrett

Scott Garrett

Drums: 1987-88
Scott Garrett joined Dag Nasty in August of 1987 (replacing their temporary drummer London May) and played with the band until their breakup in July of 1988. Scott is now the touring drummer for The Mission UK and God Lives Underwater. He is currently playing drums for Colorsound (a space rock band) and Wired All Wrong (with Jeff and Andrew from God Lives Underwater as well as former Cleanse vocalist Sonny Lujan).

Field Day

Body Count Demo 1983 Drums

Body Count Bouncing Babies 1984 Drums

Dag Nasty All Ages Show EP 1987 Drums

Dag Nasty Field Day 1988 Drums

Dag Nasty Trouble Is EP 1988 Drums

Neverland Neverland 1991 Drums

Weapon of Choice Nutmeg Sez 1994 Drums

The Cult The Cult 1994 Drums

The Cult High Octane Cult 1996 Drums

Holy Barbarians Cream 1996 Drums

Monster Magnet Powertrip 1998 Drums

Weapon of Choice Nutmeg Phantasy 1998 Drums

Ian Astbury Spirit Light Speed 1999 Drums

The Cult Pure Cult: The Singles 2000 Drums

The Cult Best of Rare Cult 2000 Drums

The Cult Rare Cult (Box Set) 2000 Drums

Shalabi Effect Trial of St. Orange 2000 Drums

The Mission UK Aura 2001 Drums

Andy Dick Andy Dick & The Bitches 2002 Drums

Colorsound Colorsound 2002 Drums

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